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Founded in 1956, DEMA’s roots are deeply entrenched in fluid control products. It all started with a customer’s request to easily and accurately mix chemical with water. We’ve grown a bit since then, our line of products now touch uniquely different markets such as commercial laundry, food and beverage processing, housekeeping, car wash and many others. You can find DEMA products across the globe. We’re experts in mixing and moving fluids from point A to point B, precisely, each and every time.

We have a wide variety of agricultural products to fit your application from field fertigation, dairy sanitization, chemical transfer, water treatment, to clean-in-place systems.

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Industries We Serve


Our large variety of systems can be used in many different irrigation and fertigation applications from large outdoor projects to family farms.


Our Clean-In-Place systems help provide cleanliness that is vital to maintaining healthy animals and systems in dairy applications.


Unique and specialized growing environments need the features and benefits delivered from our electronic agricultural pump line.


Our systems have a variety of applications in greenhouse usage including nutrient batch blending, nutrient injection and pH control.

Water Treatment

Water treatment applications abound in agriculture. We have a number of solutions to help provide the high quality water you need for your applications.

Animal Health

DEMA products are designed for many applications, such as cleaning, sanitizing and treating water which leads to better animal health.


The DEMA Engineering Company provides a wide range of fluid control equipment for the agricultural industry in a diverse range of applications, such as dairy, water treatment, aquaponics, hydroponics, open field irrigation, center pivot irrigation, greenhouses, animal health, and general chemical transfer applications.

Open Field Irrigation and Fertigation

Center Pivot Irrigation

Water Treatment

Portable Irrigation, Fertilization, and Sanitization

Chemical Transfer

Animal Health

Dairy Cleaning and Sanitization

Greenhouse Irrigation and Feritgation


Clean-in-Place (CIP)


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