Animal Health

For cleaning and sanitizing your post milking dairy lines, the DairyClean CIP  –stainless steel dispenser – meters and dispenses detergent, acid and sanitizer to aid in the flushing and cleaning of typical milking systems.  For more mobile applications, the Cyclone portable injector – made of polypropylene – is versatile for a number of small animal health applications including water line cleaning, boot sanitation to avoid cross-contamination, and water treatment applications on small farms. Our EasyDose electronic diaphragm pump can be used with external sensors to help treat the water on animal farms to ensure your animals are getting the best drinking water possible. Our FlexFlow piston diaphragm pumps can be used for small applications for drinking water treatment or waste water treatment on the farm. MixRite water-powered proportioners are used to inject iodine for post-milking dairy parlor cleaning.