Center Pivot Irrigation

Outdoor-rated Easydose electric-powered diaphragm pump delivers one or two nutrients or additives into center pivot irrigation lines. Easydose can be used with sensors in order to speed up or slow down the pump injection rate with the flow of water for the pivot. It can be coupled with a flow switch to ensure that it is only injecting when the system is flowing water. The Easydose is capable of running on 120 VAC or 12 VDC. Our FlexFlow units can be used on center pivot systems to correct the water pH before reaching your crops. With closed-loop control, FlexFlow ensures you have the proper pH level before your crops get watered. Our MixRite water-powered injectors work without electricity and can be inserted in bypass loops at a center pivot location to inject nutrients into the pressurized line. Working on water pressure and flow, the MixRite is the perfect pump to use when no electricity is present.

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