For unique or specialized growing environments, the programmable Trident pump system batch mixes the exact amount of nutrients into the nutrient solution tank at the push of a button. The Trident holds up to 100 formulas and can run nutrient usage reports that accelerate the yield for your plants. The Easydose electronic pump control system injects nutrients or other additives into pressurized water lines that require metered nutrient dosing through the use of external water meters or sensors that provide closed-loop feedback for the pump. The Easydose is capable of receiving a 4-20 mA signal which helps control the speed of the pump in the application. Our FlexFlow pumps offer precise metered nutrient injection or monitored pH injection into a pressurized line. FlexFlow acid pumps come with a pH probe that provides closed-loop feedback which is important for hydroponics and other specialized growing environments. MixRite water-powered injectors can be put in-line to precisely meter a nutrient into a pressurized water line for delivery to plants through an irrigation system. Consistent injection rates across varying water pressures and flows help provide the nutrients and additives your plants need to grow.

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