Water Treatment

For water treatment, choose from our MixRite water-powered injectors for chlorination, acidification, and water additives. From cleaning irrigation lines of biofilm to treating water before it goes into animal drinking lines, the MixRite provides an accurate dilution with changing water flow and pressure. The Easydose electronic-controlled injector for dosing one or two additives into pressurized lines is ideal for water treatment applications that are large in nature. Able to take the input from various external sensors, probes, or water meters, the Easydose can automatically speed up or slow down injection based on a 4-20 mA input. The FlexFlow piston diaphragm pump can take an external input from a water meter, flow switch, or pH probe (depending on the model), and use that to power the pump to inject an additive into a pressurized line. FlexFlow pumps are chemically robust being able to handle the harshest chemical environments from waste-water treatment to drinking line additives to irrigation line cleaning applications. The Cyclone is a robust yet economical polypropylene injector with a kynar metering block that provides reliable dilution control for agricultural applications.

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