Greenhouse Fertilization

Climate-controlled environments are ideal for the peristaltic Trident pump system that mixes, blends, and dispenses large volumes of nutrients in exact dosages 24/7. The Trident System is designed to hold up to 100 different formulas for different nutrients and batch sizes which can be activated at the push of a button. With nutrient usage reporting, the Trident makes your growing environment intelligent by giving you data that can accelerate your crop yield. EasyDose is your practical solution for injecting into pressurized water lines requiring a metered injection of fertilizers, acids, or sanitizers for large volume applications. The water-powered MixRite proportioning pumps (in-line installations, or by-pass applications) dispense nutrients or any additive in a consistent dilution regardless of water flow changes. The FlexFlow piston diaphragm pumps and our outdoor-rated EasyDose electric-powered diaphragm pump delivers acids and other additives into pressurized water lines. The Cyclone portable chemical injector can be used to remove organic material from irrigation lines or as a stand-alone spot watering fertilizer injector.

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