MixRite 1400 Series Proportional Injectors

Chemical Injection for Flow Rates up to 14 GPM

The 1400 Series is comprised of low-flow dispensers that are typically used for greenhouse fertilizers, cleaning and sanitizing of produce, as well as drip and spray irrigation for smaller applications. These dispensers have better compatibility for nutrients, pesticides, some acids, and other additives than other standard units. The updated internal design has allowed for an increased flow rate of up to 14 GPM and up to 10% for chemical injection. All 1400 series dispensers have a 3/4″ NPT threaded inlet and outlet.

Detail Information

Chemical Dispenser

MixRite Pump

Power Source

Water powered

Model #

Injection Rates

1400A / 1400M

.03 to .2%

1401A / 1401M

.1 to .9%

1402A / 1402M

.3 to 2%

1405A / 1405M

.5 to 5%

1410A / 1410M

1 to 10%

1400 series models have a flow rate of .5 to 14 GPM

Models ending with "A" have an Air Release (Standard). Models ending with "M" have a manual On/Off.

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