Cyclone Portable Injector

Portable and Reliable Chemical Dilution

This portable injector has numerous uses in several markets, such as sanitizers being used in food processing, fertilizers utilized in greenhouses, chemicals for transportation equipment, and a wide variety of liquid products used in animal production. This unit uses a polypropylene body injector with a Kynar metering block which has been used by chemical people all over the world for over 15 years. We have cre­ated three versions of this portable injector. All of these kits contain a complete metering tip kit, pick up hose, strainer, ceramic weight, and stainless hanger. The inlet and outlet fittings are brass GHT fittings.

Detail Information

Power Source

Water powered

Chemical Dispenser

Cyclone Portable Chemical Injector


Included Accessories


Two 3 Ft long hoses, both hoses have female GHT swivels on both ends


Two 3 Ft long hoses, one of the hoses has two female swivels, the other has one male GHT fitting and one female GHT fitting


No Garden Hoses Included

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