EasyDose Injection System

The DEMA® Easy Dose is a simple and reliable chemical delivery system. Easy Dose features an electronic control system that can be coupled with up to two electric diaphragm pumps for precise injection of chemical in a variety of applications. Additionally, the system can be coupled with electronic flow meter technology allowing Easy Dose to automatically adjust chemical injection rates based on water line flow conditions. Each EasyDose pump is rated for 1.8 GPM (open flow) and can be utilized as a single pump or dual pump system. A single controller can run up to two pumps. The included float switch automatically shuts down the pump(s) if the chemical reservoir gets too low to protect pumps from running dry. Pumping rates are controlled via on-board potentiometers, as well as a 4-20mA input for flow meters. The pump and control modules are both shipped with outdoor rated enclosures for increased durability and longevity. Taking decades of knowledge in electronics and metering chemical injection, we’ve created a simplistic yet highly advanced chemical injector to exceed the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Thanks to the extreme chemical durability of our pump components, EasyDose can be used in applications ranging from fertilization, water treatment, acid injection, cleaning chemicals and much more.

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Chemical Dispenser

Chemical Delivery System, Easydose

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