FlexFlow and NanoP

Complete pH Adjustment System

DEMA’s FlexFlow pump is the ideal solution for greenhouses, orchards, and any other agricultural applications to deliver acids and virtually any chemical directly into pressurized water lines. The FlexFlow pump is typically used in conjunction with the NanoP, a state-of-the-art controller that can vary chemical volumes based on water flow and/or pH for a precise downstream solution.

The NanoP controller can be utilized with the included pH probe to provide a complete pH control solution. This combo is typically used to inject an acid to lower the pH of water used for irrigation, but can also inject chemicals to raise pH or treat the water. The NanoP also has the ability to control two FlexFlow pumps, if an application requires pH to be adjusted in both directions. The NanoP also offers integration with a wide variety of flow meters and flow switches to tailor the system to your exact needs. The NanoP can output a pulse signal, a 4-20mA signal, or control the two 120 VAC onboard relays to trigger a pump. Please contact us with any questions you may have about integrating a NanoP Controller and FlexFlow Pump into your irrigation system for pH control or water treatment.

Detail Information

Chemical Dispenser

Flex Flow

Power Source


    • Uses dry pulse from water meter for accurate proportional chemical injection across changes in water flow and pressure
    • Probe allows unit to display pH, multiple alarm options, and probe-based chemical injection (instead of water meter pulse injection)
    • Easily programs with keypad and liquid crystal display
    • Built-in priming valve eliminates air in the chemical feed line and potential for inaccurate dilutions
    • Dust cover protects display and keypad
    • Multiple models available to meet application requirements (higher/lower pressures and higher volumes)
    • FlexFlow Pump | 0960.F
      • Optional bracket for mounting to a vertical wall | 0960.R00225
    • NANO-P Controller with pH Probe | 0960.NANOP

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