Chemical Injection for Flow Rates up to 110 GPM

The TF 25 MixRites are designed for high water flow for fertigation, pesticide and other in-line additives. They are intended for typical fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture or irrigation additives. They are not designed for strong acids, alkalines or solvents. The TF 25 is designed for water flow up to 110 gpm (25 m³/hr.) and operates from 4.4 – 110 gpm (16 – 416L / min.). The TF 25 has 2” NPT threaded connection for in-line mounting. The TF 25 models have the key features that make the MixRite system so effective and reliable. They are self-priming and do not require any electricity or external energy source, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. The adjustable dosing mechanism is driven by the flow of water, which creates a vacuum and draws the chemical into the water stream at the correct dilution ratio. This ensures precise and consistent mixing of chemicals with water, without the need for expensive and complicated metering equipment. The MixRite TF 25 is a versatile and cost-effective solution for all your chemical dosing needs.

Detail Information

Chemical Dispenser

MixRite Pump

Power Source

Water powered

Model No.

Induction Rates

Chemical Shut-Off


.1% to 1%



.3% to 2.5%



1% to 5.5%


TF25s are used for flow rates up to 110 gpm (25m3/h) and have 2″ NPT inlet and outlet fittings.

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