CDS 8500 Series

The DEMA Chemical Delivery System (CDS) is designed to be flexible and adaptable for numerous applications to inject or blend a variety of chemicals and solutions. 

The systems use proven DEMA peristaltic pumps that include a variety of squeeze tube materials such as EPDM and Santoprene® providing good chemical compatibility. Control board programming combined with pump and motor options can provide pump rates ranging from a fraction of an ounce per minute to as much as 40 ounces per minute. The system can be powered by 24VDC or 12VDC. In addition, it can be setup to use DEMA technology features such as magnetic field readers as an alternate means of receiving trigger signals and out of chemical product sensors that will alarm.

8500 Series Iodine CDS System
Blend and provide “ready to use” iodine solutions in dairy milking parlors or other similar applications. The kit comes with various hardware items that provide a complete setup. See the setup diagram on the opposite side of this document illustrating a typical setup.

8501 Series CIP System (Clean In Place)
Metering and dispensing of detergent, acid and sanitizer as part of the post milking cleaning of a milking system. The 8501 CIP will work in conjunction with the flushing and cleaning of a typical milking system by receiving trigger signals to run the chemical pumps. Additionally, it can function as a laundry chemical delivery system on 

8502 SERIES Chemical Blending Or CIP
Metering and blending chemicals in applications such as chlorine dioxide. As with other CDS products the system can integrate via trigger signals to dispense automatically.

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