Cyclone Portable Injector

This portable injector has numerous uses in several markets, sanitizers being used in food processing, greenhouses, transportation, and animal production. This unit uses a polypropylene body injector with a Kynar metering block which has been used by chemical people all over the world for 15 years. We have cre­ated three versions of this portable injector.

All of these kits contain a complete metering tip kit, pick up hose, strainer, ceramic weight and stainless hanger. The inlet and outlet fittings are brass GHT fittings.

Models Available

P203CTC.PI.1 – Two 3 Ft long *hoses, both hoses have female GHT swivels on both ends
P203CTC.PI.2 – Two 3 Ft long *hoses, one of the hoses has two female swivels, the other has one male GHT fitting and one female GHT fitting
P203CTC.PI.3 – no garden hoses included

Product Literature