TF3 and TF5 Low – Medium Flow Fertigation

The TF3 & TF5, Low Medium Fertigation series are designed for low to medium water flow for fertigation, pesticide and other in-line additives. They are intended for typical fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture or irrigation additives. They are not designed for strong acids alkalines or solvents. The TF 3 is designed for water flow up to 14 gpm (3 m³/hr) and the TF5 for water flow up to 22 gpm (5 m³/h). Both units operate as low as .08 gpm (.3L / min.) and have 1” NPT threaded connection for in-line mounting.

Model No.Induction RatesChemical Shut-Off
TF3-002.3% to 2%No
TF3-002 ON/OFF.3% to 2%Yes
TF3-004.4% to 4%No
TF3-004 ON/OFF.4% to 4%Yes
TF5-001.1% to 1%No
TF5-001 ON/OFF.1% to 1%Yes
TF5-002.2% to 2%No
TF5-002 ON/OFF.2% to 2%Yes
TF3-0051% to 5%No
TF5-005 ON/OFF1% to 5%Yes

TF3 for water flow 14 gpm (3m3/h) and has 1″ NPT
TF5 for water flow 22 gpm (5m3/h) and has 1″ NPT

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